Clients First Club

TLDR; Clients First Club members chase client results, not Optimization Scores.

We're a movement of freelancers and agencies that pledge to put our clients first, as opposed to chasing empty rewards as part of the Google Partner program.

Why is being a Google Partner Bad?

Google Partners are companies or individuals that adhere to a set of requirements that Google has come up with.

Since it's inception, those requirements were focused to having a decent skills levels and have some experience managing Google Ads accounts.

But in the latest update, there is one requirement that crosses the line. In order to maintain their partner status, these freelancers or agencies need to keep their account "Optimization Score" above a certain treshold.

This Optimization Score is closely related to what Google wants to happen, not necessary what's most interesting for a client.

And in some cases, the interests of Google and that of clients are diametrically opposed. Getting a better Optimization Score actually hurts the returns that a client can achieve.

To us, that's an unacceptable business practice.

It's strange that we even have to say it.

Our clients pay us money to manage their interestst when it comes to Google Ads. So why the hell would we please some other company at their expense?

Clients First Manifesto

  1. We put our clients needs and results first.

Pretty simple right?

How To Join Clients First Club

  1. Remove the Google Partner badge from your site
  2. Grab the Clients First badge below
  3. Email me (dennis AT storegrowers DOT com) your details: Name, location & link
  4. Write a blog post to say why you've join the Clients First Club (optional)

The Badge

Clients First Members

Clients First Club is an initiative by Store Growers - 2021